1.1       Plant Management

1.2       Service and Breakdown Management

1.3       Availability and Utilization Calculation

1.4       Mean Time to Failure Reporting

1.5       Mean Time between Breakages

1.6        Broad Reporting Spectrum

2.1        Job Cards Creation and Control (Service, Breakdowns, Tasks)

2.2        Service and Breakdown Parts Management

2.3        Artisans Job & Hours Management

2.4        Service and Inspection Checklists

3.1        Plant Component Management

3.2        Component History Report

3.3        Oil Sampling Management (NAR, MC, AR)

3.4        Oil Sampling History Report (NAR, MC, AR)

4.1        Small Breakage Management

5.1        Diesel Dispensing Capturing

5.2        Tank Diesel Level Management

5.3        Dispensed, Received, Dip, Summary and Consumption Report

6.1        Breakdowns and Job Cards Dashboards